We built 7Geese Reviews after seeing increased employee demand to have a moreformal process to understand and reflect on their historic performance, what growth opportunities are available to them and how these map to their future career path. 7Geese Reviews overcomes many of the shortcomings associated with traditional performance reviews and are an integral part of Continuous Performance Management.

Many people team leaders want to integrate a 360 feedback for each employee, as part of their overall Review process.

  • 7Geese Reviews are used by our most successful customers as a way for employees to reflect on their previous performance and create action plans with their manager around their future career development and growth. The process for launching a Review is often multi-faceted and requires buy-in from multiple stakeholders
  • 7Geese 360s (Request feedback for others) are used as a way to understand an employee's more immediate development and coaching needs. They can be initiated very easily by both managers and admins and require a far lighter set up process compared to a Review.

Best Practice Processes - 360s and Reviews

There are two best practice processes we advise people leaders and admins to follow if wanting to include 360s as part of a Review process:

Run 360 feedback surveys for all employees a few months before an annual Review

  • 360 shared reports with employees will show up in the Review only if the report is shared within the Review time frame chosen when launching the review 

Run quarterly 360 feedback surveys for employees, with one annual Review per employee used as an overall reflection piece - used by leading companies such as Google

How to launch 360s and Reviews together in 7Geese

Here's a process guide for admins on how to run a 360 process and Review process simultaneously in 7Geese today. The template can be customized and shared with managers and employees.


Admins and their own reviews

Admins can't approve their own reviews. They lose their admin rights when it comes to their own reviews, so they won't be able to see Private manager-only questions, for example.

What notifications do admins get when they need to approve a review?

Only when an admin is assigned to a review will they get notifications that they have reviews to approve. The notifications they will get are 1. A home card on the 7Geese homepage under “Items that need your attention” 2. An email for each review they have to approve.

In the drop-down menu in reviews are all the launched reviews visible to managers and admins that can see the Progress and Results Tab?

Yes. If people click on the review title, the fields will be empty, unless they are assigned the ability to see the people’s data of that review (they are either their manager or an admin with content access rights)

An admin has several reviews to approve but only some are showing up on their “My Reviews” tab. Why?

For each review an Admin has to complete, they will receive a home card and an email notification. It’s not until the employee submits their responses for the review, that the Admin will see it on their “My Reviews” page.

The intended behavior is for Reviews that need approval by managers or admins, to disappear from My Reviews after they have been fully completed. If they are sticking around on the “My reviews” tab it is likely that there is some action left to take on them. If this isn’t the case and the reviews are still sticking around, let me know and my team will have to look into what is going on there.

If you have any other ‘How To’ questions that were not answered here, reach out to your dedicated Performance Coach or support@7geese.com.

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