Review creators can choose to add peer feedback directly into their review. This allows managers to get a new form of context - the perspective of peers - when they have performance or growth conversations with their direct reports.

Set Up

To include peer feedback as part of the review, ensure that you select the Peers Via Feedback checkbox in the Review Launcher

Once clicked, the Peer Feedback options include:

  1. Title: The title of the Peer Review step. This will manifest throughout the process so be sure to choose a name that will be clear to employees.

  2. Nomination Settings: Managers will need to nominate peers for their direct reports. See the Nomination Step section for full details.

  3. Template: Choose a template and the questions that peers will respond to. This template will come from the Feedback feature.

  4. Response Deadline: This is a hard deadline - feedback will not be accepted after this date.

  5. How should peer feedback be shared with the employee? Choose whether managers should compile a report for their direct report with the answers from their peers or if the feedback should not be shared. If it is not shared then the manager would be expected to incorporate the peer feedback into their responses to the review.

  6. Anonymity: Choose whether peers are identified or not

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