1-on-1s Program

The 1-on-1s program is designed to ensure that specified participants complete a 1-on-1 with their manager before a specified date.

Creating a 1-on-1 program

From the home page of the Programs feature, select the "Set up 1-on-1" option from the "Create new program" list.

Program name 

The Program name field allows you to specify what the specific program is about. This name will be used to communicate to participants what they are expected to do.

Tip: Make the program name specific to the action required, but don't use dates if you're planning to make the program repeating.


Program details

The program details is where the specific requirements of the program are selected. These requirements will determine if objectives created by participants meet the criteria of the program or not.


1-on-1 facilitator

Currently, the facilitator field is fixed to the participant's manager.

Notification recipient

This field determines if the participant or the participant's manager will get the program notifications. Choose the notification recipient based on who you would expect to create and schedule the 1-on-1 in 7Geese. Each company, and sometimes each team, varies in who is expected to schedule the 1-on-1.

1-on-1 template

This section allows you to choose which template should be used in the 1-on-1. When an individual follows the link provided in the notification, they will be taken to the 1-on-1 page with the appropriate template pre-selected, making the 1-on-1 creation process much easier.

It is also possible to choose if the selected template is required or suggested. If the template is required, then only 1-on-1 that were done with the selected template will satisfy the program.  If the template is suggested, it will still be pre-populated when an individual goes to the 1-on-1 page through the notification link, but the program can still be satisfied if the 1-on-1 is completed using a different template.

1-on-1 dates

1-on-1 programs have a start and an end date, so that 7Geese can track which 1-on-1s apply to the specific program. Any 1-on-1 that is completed between the start and end dates that matches the specified program requirements, will satisfy the program. If a 1-on-1 is completed that meets all of the program requirements, but is not completed between the start and the end dates, it will not count as satisfying the program.

Program repeat

This field allows you to select if the program is a one-time program, or a repeating program.

When setting up a repeating program, you will generally have options for selecting when the due date will occur in each repeating instance of the program. Think about this carefully, as the the day of the week or the date of the month may change from month to month.

Note: It is possible to change the create by date for future instances of programs manually, to make sure that each repetition is set for the proper dates.



The participants of the 1-on-1 program are the people that are expected to complete a 1-on-1 with their manager that follow the requirements specified in the program details section.

It is possible to select individuals, departments, locations (if enabled), or a variety of smart group options, such as "Managers", "Admins", or "Everyone".

Note: For people selected in the participants list that are not assigned managers, they will not be included in the 1-on-1 program, since it is required to complete the 1-on-1 with the individual's assigned manager. Once a manager is assigned to a person without one, they will become a program participant.


Exclude people or departments

To make sure only the necessary people are chosen as participants of a program, it is possible to select individuals or groups of people to exclude from the program.

Tip: For 1-on-1 programs, if using the "Everyone" group, think about whether to include specific people like the CEO or other executives that may not do regular 1-on-1s like the rest of the team.


Notifications and reminders

The notifications section allows you to customize the messaging and the notification schedule for when participants will be sent email notifications. A preview of the notifications is available, however the program must contain all required information for the preview to be activated.

Program description

The program description allows you to customize a message that will be included in the notifications to participants. For the 1-on-1s program, you may want to state why participants (or the managers, depending on who the notification goes to) are expected to do these 1-on-1s and the benefit to them in completing them.

Program instructions

An optional field called program instructions can be enabled that allows you to specify any special instructions around the process of completing 1-on-1s. The program instructions will also be included in the notifications sent to participants or managers.

Notification schedule

The notification schedule allows you to specify when and how many notifications will be sent to participants.  Notifications will only be sent to participants that have not scheduled or completed 1-on-1s that meet the criteria specified in the program details section.

Notifications can be added using the "Add notification" button, or deleted using the trash can icon. Notifications can be set before, on or after the deadline date for the participant to complete a 1-on-1.

When all required fields have been filled in, it is possible to preview the notifications that will be sent out by clicking the "Preview" button.


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