When designing this feature we wanted to make the process of creating, launching, monitoring progress and compliance, accessing individual reviews, making changes to launched reviews, and every other component of administering a review as streamlined as possible.  

This way, you can focus your time on making data-driven decisions for future transformational initiatives, rather than executing on transactional administrative tasks.

This article will show you how to:

  • How to create a template
  • How to launch a Review
  • How to see Progress and results
  • How to Manage review groups

If you don’t have Reviews in your 7Geese account already, enable it by going to 'Org Settings' -> 'Reviews.' Here you can choose to show Reviews in the navigation bar. You can also setup and test Reviews before making it visible to all users in your network. Participants will get email notifications when you launch a review.



How to create a template

Start by selecting a preloaded template from the drop-down menu. Then you can edit the existing workflow (Employee Submission, Manager Submission, Skip Level Approval, Admin Approval, 1-on-1 discussion), the name of the workflow steps, the questions in the workflow, and the 1-on-1 template by clicking in the respective areas:


In this area, you create a title for your Review Cycle (not the template you are creating), determine the Review Period (the time you are reflecting upon, not the dates the Review cycle will be occurring within), and select your Participants. You can include everyone, single departments, individual team members, or exclude people and departments.  


If you need to step away from your template creation, you can Save and continue later:


This will create a draft template that you can come back to at any time in this section here:


Note: only the creator of a review draft can edit and continue with that same draft. We currently do not support multiple admins editing the same draft.

Here are your template options for Process and Questions



You have the flexibility to say what the workflow steps are in your Review.

In the app, you can select and deselect with steps to include.

To provide you with additional flexibility, we can support you to move the workflow steps to a new order and/or add additional workflow steps - just contact your dedicated Talent Manager Advisor or email



You have the flexibility to decide how to receive the inputs to your questions. We offer the following inputs:


Opinion scale (Rating), Yes/No, Number scale, Multiple choice (Checkbox/Radio), and Text


You can also add descriptions to your questions to add additional support.


You can select who answers which questions if both your employee and manager are not answering the same set of questions.

You can denote which questions are mandatory and mandatory to whom (employee, manager or both).


You can insert new questions (topics) or sections for questions by hovering over the edge of an existing question and clicking here:


Or by click on these options in your existing template:


A performance activity is where all your team member’s activities from 7Geese are pulled. You can select from the following to enhance your Review conversations and decisions:

Objectives, Feedback, Recognition, 1-on-1s


For the Objectives list, you can select which columns to display in the Objective performance activity. Currently, we show Title, Status, and Progress.



Additional custom options are available and listed here. Reach out to your dedicated Talent Management Advisor or email to have these options enabled for your template.

  • You can determine up until which point in the workflow responses are editable
  • You can select with columns to display in the Objective data widget. Currently, we show Title, Status, Progress, but are able to add Grade, and Weight


How to launch a Review 

When you are ready to being your Review Cycle, select your template, either from Drafts or the Review template drop-down menu.

Verify your Review title, Review Period Dates, Participants, and template options are as you would like them. If you see a message about participants being unable to complete their review due to not having managers or skip level managers, Review and assign the managers here:


When you are ready, click Launch review process!





How to setup your Review Settings

Managers can begin input before the employee has submitted their review

By default, 7Geese allows managers to begin their input into their direct report's review before the employee has submitted their input. This gives managers the time they need to input into employee reviews and come back to them to finish them off, once the employee has finalized and submitted their own review. Employees cannot see any manager responses at this stage.

By turning this setting to 'no', managers will not be able to begin their input into their direct report's review until the employee has finalized and submitted their review.

Managers can finalize and submit their input before the employee submission

7Geese recommends allowing managers to submit their input only once the employee has submitted their input. This ensures that managers are aware of all review answers and edit to answers made by their direct reports, before they submit their own review.

By turning this setting to 'yes', managers will be able to submit their review input before their direct report has inputted, meaning managers may not have the full context of their direct report's answers.

Sharing finalized review with the employee

7Geese recommends allowing the manager to decide when to share the employee's completed review with them. This is best practice as for any sensitive performance reviews, managers may choose not to share the review before the 1-on-1 meeting and want to discuss it in-person first. When scheduling the 1-on-1 reviews meeting, 7Geese provides managers with an option to either share the review before or after the 1-on-1 meeting.

As an admin, you can change this setting globally so that all employee reviews are always shared with them before the 1-on-1 meeting with their manager, or always shared with them after the 1-on-1 meeting.


How to Manage review groups

To manage your Review Groups or Cycles, those either in action or completed, you can manage them in the Manage review groups tab:


Actions you can do in this tab include:

  • Deleting Review Groups
  • Managing review participants
  • Selecting the correct Review Group to view Progress and Results


Managing review participants enables Admins to assign missing Managers, Skip Managers or Admins to team members Reviews:


By clicking on the Review title, you are taken to the Progress and results tab for further management of that specific Review group.


How to see Progress and results

If you landed here by clicking on the Review title from Manage review groups, you will see the Progress and results for that Review group. If you landed in Progress and results by clicking on the Progress and results tab, ensure you are looking at the right Review group by selecting from the drop-down menu:


As an Admin, in the Progress tab you are first filtered by the whole organization, but can select departments or specific team members by starting to type in the Filter by box:


Once you have selected the group of reviews to look at for progress and results, you see a percentage completion bar for how many team members have completed each step in the review workflow.  

Below that, you see the progress table, where you can see details such as the Manager, who the review is currently assigned to, and which step in the workflow each review is currently in.

If still filtered by the whole organization, click on # people beside the department name to view the team members in that department.

To view a team member’s review, click on their name.

As an Admin, you have the following options for each team member’s review and to action these, check the box beside the team member’s name, then click the Select an action drop down menu:

  • you can send them a reminder (with a customized message)
  • move their review forward or backward a step
  • assign a stand-in manager (allows a different manager to complete the review compared to the reporting structure based on the Org Chart eg. Team member moves to Team B but Team A Manager needs to conduct the review, even though Team B Manager is now the new permanent Manager) 
  • remove them from this Review group


When searching for an individual, if they aren’t already a part of that review, you can easily add them to your review.


* If you are unable to see certain Reviews for individuals or departments, you may not have the correct content permissions to do so. You can go to to reference what your permissions are and here is additional information about admin permissions available: Admin Permissions

There are additional actions you can perform in the Progress and results tab for the whole group by selecting Actions drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner. These actions include:

  • Remind assignees
  • Add participants
  • Export Data
  • Delete review  


In the Results and data tab, you see the responses to the rating and yes/no questions asked in the review by both the Team Member and the Manager. You can search for the questions in the drop-down menu or click on the question to the left or right.


{We are working on adding the remain question input types to this table so stay tuned!}

Finalizing a Review post 1-on-1 stage

If your review includes the 1-on-1 stage as the final stage of the review process, how does the review get fully finalized?

By default, if the manager finalizes the 1-on-1 stage, then the review will be automatically finalized.
If the employee finalizes the 1-on-1, the default permission is that they aren’t allowed to finalize the entire review fully, so the review will stay in the 1-on-1 state until an admin or manager finalizes it (from the review page or via the 'Progress and Results' page by moving the review forward). But also by default, the 1-on-1 Review template used in reviews are set to only allow the manager to finalize, so that state is only possible if you’re using a 1-on-1 template that allows the employee to finalize.

Managers and Department Leaders Launching Reviews

Admins can allow managers and department leaders to launch reviews only for their direct reports and/or departments.

To enable this, go to Org Settings --> Reviews and enable the option for managers and department leaders to be able to launch reviews.


A manager or department leader can then:

  • Launch a new review but only for employees in their reporting tree or employees in departments they lead (or the departments themselves)
  • Add additional participants to that review once it's launched (from the Progress and results tab), but again, only the same set of users as above
  • See reviews on the 'Manage review groups' tab, but only those they have launched, not ones launched by other people or Admins.
  • Delete a review they have launched

Admins will not be able to see draft reviews created by managers or department leaders as currently, only creators of a draft are able to edit a review draft. However, admins can see the progress and results of the overall review once it has been launched, and assign missing managers or move individual reviews forward or backward etc.


If you have any other ‘How To’ questions that were not answered here, reach out to your dedicated Talent Management Advisor or



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