This guide covers how the first few steps in getting started in 7Geese once you get your activation email.

Account Activation

Activation e-mail

You will receive an email that prompts you to activate your 7Geese account. Simply follow through with the call-to-action to get your name, role, and password setup.


Building your profile

I'm logged in, now what? This common question depends primarily on your team's rollout of 7Geese, but here are a few suggestions on what to prepare regardless of how your team is using 7Geese to start:

  • First, verify and set your profile and account settings (e.g. adding a manager, checking your e-mail preferences, adding an about/job description)


7Geese Home

Once you confirm your profile settings through your activation email you will be brought to 7Geese home. 7Geese Home provides a snapshot of things that need your attention in 7Geese.  You’ll get reminders of action items based on your objectives, recognitions, 1-on-1s, and feedback.  Don't worry if you don't see anything yet, notifications and reminders will start popping up once users are active in your network.

What you’ll see on 7Geese home:

Get a quick summary so that you can keep on top of your progress towards completing a successful quarter.


Action Items

You will also get a quick summary of things that need your attention:  objectives that need a check-in, upcoming 1-on-1s, Feedback requests and recent Recognitions.


You will also be able to take action on the items that need your attention right from the Home page.  If an action isn’t required, you can easily dismiss each card so they will no longer appear on your Home page.

And you’re all done!

Feed Filters

Various filters will help you customize your objective feed.

  1. You can view all open objectives or only those due in the quarter.
  2. You can also view feed updates only from specific groups such as your reports or members of your department.

Please contact for further questions or if you believe something is missing, misrepresented, or outdated. 

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