This guide walks through the 7Geese philosophy, what types of teams we support, and the benefits of creating a continuous coaching environment.

There's also popular learning materials and the 7Geese dictionary to get familiarized with terminology that accompanies our space.

How we help teams

How will 7Geese help me, my team, and my entire organization?

Every company needs a central intelligence or communication hub for how they operate, what successes they are sharing, what challenges they’re encountering, and how they all come together to collaborate for a common purpose. 7Geese helps with that. Proactively have conversations as often as you'd like through goal-tracking, 1-on-1s or 360 feedback. We take the guess work out of how each role and relationship impacts the next person, visualizing how everyone is a stakeholder in company success. As a result, each team can create clear expectations for all interactions

  1. Get better at self-reflection, values-based thinking, and become a leader.

    Reflection, whether it be through 1-on-1 prep, or through requesting feedback and figuring out the right questions to seek answers for, lends itself to the intentional practice of taking time regularly to step back and gain clarity on your values and priorities. This provides greater confidence in your decision-making and turns everyone into leaders. It also creates a coherent workflow and transformation planning process where it's not about bouncing from activity to activity—from one crisis to another—but rather about making a sense of direction and purpose.
  2. See a bigger picture, make better decisions, and practice the art of 'balance'. 

    Being your best self requires a sense of balance in how you view potential roadblocks or problems to be solved. You don’t just rely on assumptions and old behaviours, but purposefully seek a broader perspective by engaging others. With 7Geese tools such as on-demand feedback and objective tracking, transparency automatically renders itself to clearer decisions. Become a stronger team player by reaching out to a team member whose input you can gather quickly, gaining a secondary perspective.
  3. To be your best self you must truly know who you are and acknowledge your skills and accomplishments, openly.

    Your best self isn’t about perfection—it’s an ongoing, continuous process.

Why add 7Geese as another product and workflow to my day?

7Geese can be adopted into existing workflows since it’s a place where work gets tracked beyond the scope of daily to-dos. Being a communication hub, it’s similar to tools you already use, but collaborative and transparent for everyone to stay connected. 7Geese acts as your organization’s strategy and goal roadmap.

You also get to come together under a common language, in one unifying tool. Support or Marketing teams may not understand javacript or html, but they can understand how developers are helping customers solve problems, and vice-versa.


Unify responsibilities under the same denominator

We each have specific and unique responsibilities within teams. Often people view these responsibilities as what is listed on your job description. Predictably, this can lead to laziness or tension between team members as it's really common to hear 'I'm not doing that, it's not my job' as individuals often work in silos. Not understanding how the efforts of their team members are contributing to their work, you and those around you can become disengaged.

Tension rises and there is a lack of knowledge around the significant importance of what is important to me is also important to you. This makes work a tactical or transactional rather than collaborative place.

7Geese helps you shake off this complacency by aligning efforts and keeping day-to-day progress easily trackable and visible. Team leads don't have to worry about complacency or competition amongst their members. This means they can focus on conversations about what everyone is working on, together. The result? No competing for each other’s time and attention and continuous discussions to achieve alignment through mutual accountability.

With dialogue around how everyone's efforts are contributing to overall team growth, there's often a secondary component: competing priorities for resources. Workplaces are dynamic, no circumstances alike. As a result, priorities will shift and change over time. So rather than having team members create hidden agendas to get their responsibilities put first, what do you do? 7Geese can help!

OKRs align teams from bottom-to-top to the organizational goals. Since everyone can see what everyone else is doing, there's no surprise. Everyone is kept up-to-date when organizational priorities change. OKRs is a process that eliminates the havoc of daily changing priorities as it drills down what is important to the overall team in quarter snapshots.

Teams do their best when relationships are cross-functional and proactively designed. With OKRs and continuous management processes, all teams can achieve equanimity and presence of mind to see the way to high performing organizational success—together.

What sets us apart

7Geese is the ideal tool for supporting a goal-focused and aligned team. Rather than treating each individual team member as a number in the organization database, 7Geese empowers everyone in the team to treat each other as a valuable, contributing human, and each of their goals as valuable to team success.

Unlike a mix of disconnected performance solutions, 7Geese brings everything you need to communicate with and support your team in one simple, integrated platform that makes performance efforts come alive.

7Geese facilitates communication of expectations and ownership over those expectations by everyone, not just leadership. We balance a good mix of helping teams enhance their strategic planning processes with the common sense of creating a unique, encouraging, culture of support and learning. Learn more!

What can I do with 7Geese?
  • Objectives and Key Results: Align strategic objectives from top to bottom and bottom to top. Encourage employee ownership of initiatives whether you are a team of 5 or 500.
  • Mentorship & Personal Development: Build a supportive environment with continuous performance management tools built into our 1-on-1 features.
  • On-demand FeedbackImprove results by enabling real-time feedback as team members work on objectives. Continuous feedback and coaching embody a supportive, respectful culture where there is always opportunity for improvement. Feedback can be requested or given from anyone, to anyone.
  • Real-time Recognition: Frequent, timely, and peer-initiated recognition linked to core values strengthens your organizational culture. Anyone can recognize anyone.
Who uses 7Geese?
  • Executives looking for a way to ensure their teams are working together to contribute towards the bigger picture.
  • Human Resources, Operations, or Talent and Culture Management Leaders who want to help managers take the guesswork out of performance management and rejuvenate the traditional end-of-year reviews to promote a culture of continuous improvement and support.
  • Team Leads or Managers who need a smarter solution for gaining immediate insight on which initiatives may need a little help with the help of a tool to facilitate effective conversations around ways to achieve objectives and overcome roadblocks.
  • Everyone with a vested interest in success that want to get noticed for the awesome accomplishments that contribute to the team all while having a continuous record of professional development and career-based accomplishments.



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