Below are some frequently asked questions prepare for admins navigating the Talent Development , Recognitions and Career Management modules:

Platform FAQs

Talent Development modules

Recognition FAQs

Career Management FAQs


Q: How are notifications delivered?

A: Notifications are sent via email (Outlook & Gmail integrations). Talent Development also integrates with Teams and Slack

Q: When are notifications delivered?

A: We have two types of emails:

  • Check-in reminder emails go out to objective owners to remind them to check in.

    • Check-in reminder emails go our every 2 weeks on Wednesday

    • Managers only get this email for reports who haven't checked into their objectives in over 2 weeks so if they don't have any OKRs then they won't receive one for that person

  • The weekly summary emails include latest updates on activity on objectives and are sent to everyone unless individual users unsubscribe. So an admin can turn on/off the weekly summary emails for everyone in the org settings, and if they are turned on, individual users can unsubscribe if they don't find it useful

Q: How can I change my notifications?

A: Notification preferences can be found at: . Admins can also set global settings (which overrides notification settings for everyone) at

Q: Does this platform support multiple languages?

A: Only English is supported at this time

Q: Are there plans to put Reviews in the mobile app

A: Yes, Timing is TBD

Q: If a new hire is made or an employee terminated in Paycor HR, will that automatically update in 7 geese?

A: Changes in Paycor HR will update employees in Talent Development

Q: Does Talent Development/Career Management support International Employees?

A: Anyone that is set up as an active employee user in Perform will sync to Talent and be able to use the system. Note: Some clients track EEs in an inactive status to avoid paying for them, etc. -- those won't sync over to be able to utilize these products.

Q: Are we able to extract and upload historic performance data from their current system during implementation?

A: Paycor & most of our competitors are in the same boat with not being able to support uploading historical performance data. The biggest reason that helps most people understand why is because performance data is not standardized across different industries and diff organizations. As such it is extremely difficult for us to build a standard integration for pulling this data over because it's not standardized and can be tracked and logged in very different tools and formats.

Q: Does Talent Development have social and activity tracking integrations?

A: Yes!

Social Integrations:

  • In June, we’ll have a fully integrated (branded) offering for both Teams & Slack

    • Recognition & Objectives will be available as part of this integration (1-on-1s & Feedback not integrated at this time)

Email Integrations:

  • Talent Development does integrate with Outlook & Google for 1-on-1s

Activity Tracking Integrations:

  • We support Key Result integrations with Google Sheets and Jira.

    • This is only available to customers with OKRs. Not currently supported for Basic or Cascading SMART goals.

Other integrations

  • Salesforce integration is not available. Please reach out to your account representative if this is a requirement.

  • For ADP we only support HRIS integration for stand-alone customers, not applicable for Paycor.

Q: What is included in Programs?

A: Programs is a workflow planning and compliance feature. Admins can schedule key performance activities throughout the year and Programs automatically sends out reminders and tracks who has completed that activity.


Q: Are objectives the same as goals?

A: Yes, objectives and goals mean the same thing. They are a management tool to drive focus and accountability for the organization - and they can be used interchangeably. The Talent Development product supports different formats for achieving this outcome.

· Talent Development gives access to individual/personal goals and are restricted to the SMART Goal format

· Talent Development PRO, gives you the ability to create organizational and departmental goals and can cascade them to personal goals. You can choose between OKR and SMART Goal format (but cannot run both concurrently)


  • Cascading goals is the process of translating goals from one level of the organization to the next to ensure alignment between organizational strategy and each department and employees' goals.

  • OKR – Objectives & Key Results. It is a collaborative goal-setting setting framework which has become popular due to advocacy from top tech companies like Google.

  • SMART Goals - A simpler goal framework where SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-base.

Q: Who is able to provide information on a ‘Check-in’?

A: Employees, managers & admins are all able to update the Check-in status for objectives

Q: What happens if an objective is changed mid-year?

A: We encourage users to review and update their objectives frequently, to make sure they are still relevant and make sense as many things may change throughout the objective cycle. The system will adjust automatically based on what changes are needed specifically (e.g. increasing/decreasing the target values or due dates, etc. will recalculate the current progress). The Objective Feed will show the audit trail of the changes including who made them and the date.

Q: Can a manager monitor/update their teams' objectives in bulk?

A: Objectives can be monitored by managers in the objective overview page: When they scroll down to the "People" table they'll see a table with all their reports & their objectives:

However, managers cannot do bulk updates on their reports' objectives. The expectation is that employees update their own objectives.


Q: Will an employee’s Performance profile be linked their employee profile?

A: Yes they are linked, but not embedded

Q: Can Reviews be scheduled around an event (i.e. hire date)?

A: We are building out an automation workflow around hire date. No current plan yet to allow scheduling quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Q: If a Review is not completed (employee or manager) are there, continuous notifications/reminders sent?

A: Just one reminder is automatically sent, but the admin can send out reminders if needed, based on where individuals are in the process.

Q: Can the Reviews capture ratings and calculate an overall score?

A: We capture ratings today and are building calculated ratings to be included in Reviews.

Q: If a review question is not applicable, can the employee/manager mark it as N/A?

A: Review questions can be marked as optional, so they don't need to be answered at all

Q: Are Reviews auto saved?

A: When you're launching a new review, you MAY lose changes if you don't submit (or save as draft, which is an option). But when you are responding to a review (e.g. self-reflection, peer feedback, or manager's comments) all data you are entering is autosaved. (you can see that at the bottom of the screen, e.g. add a comment, it will spin a bit with the message "saving", and then have a check box "Autosaved")


Q: Regarding Feedback, can employees hide results from managers? Share with managers? Are results automatically shared?

A: When an individual creates Feedback, they can decide who can see it (everyone, your direct manager, your management tree, admins)

Q: Can Peer Feedback be postponed from being visible to the employee, by a specified date or held until an admin/manager released it?

A: When peer feedback is shared, it is shared directly to an individual or as part of the finalized review package (it can be chosen to not be shared at all). The review package can be shared after approval, after the 1-on-1 or the manager can choose.

1-on-1 FAQs

Q: Can an employee add questions to a 1-on-1 template?

A: Managers can start from a template and add questions (so there are some consistent, locked in questions every time) or just use a blank 1:1 and add questions. Employees are able to add questions as well as managers

Q: Can we attach a Zoom (or other audio recording using the attachment feature)?

A: Yes, the uploader is just a file uploader, so you can attach any recordings.

Q: Is there a way to prevent an EE from finalizing a 1-on-1 in case the manager hasn't had time to review it? Or is there a way for the manager to pull the 1-on-1 back into an edit mode?

A: You can choose “Mark As Incomplete” from the action menu (see screen shot). Who can pull it back into edit mode is decided when the template is created (see screen shot).


Q: Can the entire company see every Recognition?

A: You can choose to send a Recognition Publicly or Quietly

Q: Can an individual Recognition be deleted if admin/manager does not think it’s appropriate?

A: Yes, admins can delete Recognitions


Q: What parameters go into identifying a potential flight risk?

A: This section is filled out by the manager

Q: What view does a manager have of competency assessments?

A: Our Career Management product includes competencies & the manager can see

· If individual employees are meeting the expected level, they should be at for each competency

· The employee self-assessment

· Their assessment of the employee.

If the customer purchases Talent Development & Career Management – these competency assessments will roll into the review process. The ratings project is on the roadmap, & will allow us to bring peers into this as well (timeframe TBD)

Q: Can a customer customize levels of competency to fit their organization?

A: Customers are able to set up their own competencies that align with their organization’s needs.

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