This checklist provides a high-level overview of key areas for you to consider for rolling out Career Management. Click on the links for a detailed description of each step. You can view the full guide here: Getting Started with your Career Management Program



  1. Watch the Career Management feature walkthrough, read the job aids and review any additional reference material

  2. Determine your Professional Development Planning and Talent Reviews Process

  3. Determine the competencies, job roles, and career path levels of your career management program

    1. Draft your competencies - use this template to capture the information that aligns with the application

    2. Draft your role templates - use this template to capture the information so that aligns with the application

  4. Select which Talent Attributes to include in your People Analytics reporting

  5. Test your Career Management program

    1. Run your new Career Management program with a small group of people within your team or with a pilot department and iterate

    2. Export your data to ensure it fulfills your reporting requirements.

  6. Communication and Training

    1. Schedule platform training/info sessions and send out your communications regarding your Career Management program launch highlighting timeframes and support materials available.


  1. After training is completed, launch your Career Management Program

  2. Monitor progress and nudge completion using the progress indicators in the app (send reminders and use Programs to help with this).


  1. Review your People Analytics data and conduct analyses as needed

  2. Follow up with managers to follow through with commitments.

    1. Nudge a follow up 1-on-1 every quarter to check in on Professional Development plan progress (review the last review and evaluate progress to date)

    2. Ensure any outcomes such as Professional Development plans or goals are input into the app

    3. Ensure that all 1-on-1 growth and development conversations are finalized

  3. Gather Feedback on the Process

    1. How did your people find the process? Are there ways this could be improved or iterated upon for your next?

    2. Did your Managers feel supported and enabled to have effective Career conversations? How could they be better equipped for the next round of Reviews and what can they do in between? Could they leverage their peers for additional support?

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