Admins can configure Recognition via Performance Settings, located in the left navigation of the Recognitions, accessible by Perform > Employees > Manage Recognition or Perform > Me > Recognition:

Recognition Settings

Admins are able to create Core Value badges by clicking on Create Badge in the top right:

Uploading an image, providing a name and description is all that is needed to create a new Badge.

Badges can also be made for departments only by selecting which department this badge is applicable to.

Badges can be edited or deactivated at any time:

When a badge is deactivated, it will live at the bottom of the Recognition page. Recognitions given with that badge will not be removed/deleted from the Recognition Center or the employee's profile; however, employees will no longer see this badge as an option when recognizing a peer.

Recognition Board Authentication Tokens can be managed in this section, once a token has been created by opening your recognition board (clicking on TV Display Mode) in the Recognitions Center.

General Settings for Recognition

Within Performance Settings, Admin can configure Recognitions, along with General Settings, Integrations, Social sharing, Export data and Emails.

Admins can configure the Recognition Cycle by determining Month, Quarter or Year:

Admins can also hide or unhide the Recognition feature from the left navigation by unselecting or selecting the check box:


Admins can configure Zapier within Engagement Tools to trigger events in other apps based on recognition activities:

Export Data

Admins can bulk export recognition data, based on content access within Perform, by receiving a download link.


Admins can configure email defaults for the network in this section by selecting or deselecting the check boxes for subscriptions and event notifications:

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