Getting Started with 1-on-1s Checklist

Key areas to consider for your launch of 1-on-1s

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This checklist provides a high level overview of key areas for you to consider for rolling out 1-on-1s. Click on the links for a detailed description of each step. You can view the full guide here: Getting Started with Your 1-on-1s Program.

You can download a PDF version of the checklist to keep track of your progress here: [1-on-1s Checklist]


  1. Watch the 1-on-1s feature walkthrough and review the job aids

    1. Optional: Review the additional supporting resources on best practices with 1-on-1s

  2. Determine ideal 1-on-1 programs and cadences for your Company

  3. Upload your Global Templates

  4. Launch communication and support material and/or training for Managers and Employees

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