Getting Started with SMART Goals Checklist

Key areas to consider for your launch of SMART Goals

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Review this checklist for a high level overview of the steps to take to roll out SMART goals. Click on the links for a detailed description of each step. You can view the full guide here: Getting Started with Your SMART Goals Program.

You can download a PDF version of the checklist to keep track of your progress here: [SMART Goals Checklist]

Note: Cascading SMART Goals are only available on Talent Development Pro.


  1. Watch the SMART Goals feature walkthrough and review the job aid

  2. Familiarize yourself with the SMART method & approach

  3. Plan your rollout (example questions below)

    1. Will all individuals be required to have SMART goals or will this just roll down to the team / department level?

    2. Will goals be designed to be stretch goals (where 70% is a success) or committed goals (where 100% is a success) or a combination?

    1. Do people understand the “why” when it comes to SMART goals and the need for them?

    2. Are people familiar with the platform and how to use it?

    3. Are people comfortable attempting to write their SMART goals?

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