Once launched, managers will be prompted to nominate peers for their direct reports. This prompt comes from an e-mail, a homepage card and an additional line on the Reviews Overview page.

Once clicked, a nomination modal is opened. This will show a list of names and the instructions outlined in the launcher. When peers are chosen it will show how many other peer feedback requests they have received.

Peer Responses

Peers will receive an e-mail notification, homecard and a new line item on the Reviews Overview page. Once clicked, these will take the peer to a feedback form which they can fill out when ready.

Compiling Responses

The manager will be notified through e-mail when peer feedback responses come in.

If the creator chose that employees should not see peer feedback then the responses will automatically appear in the Peer Feedback tab. The manager will not be prompted or required to create a report. This tab is just for managers and will not appear in the final review package.

If the creator chose that managers should create a sharable feedback report in the launcher, the manager will not be able to complete their review until they have created a report. In the peer feedback tab, they will be prompted to create the draft report.

In the report builder, managers will have the ability to:

  • Write an introduction

  • Decide whether or not to include an entire question (or topic)

  • Decide whether or not to include the responses in each question (or topic)

  • Add their own notes to each question (or topic), as well as add an introduction and conclusion to the report

When the peer feedback report is complete, the manager can submit their responses for the entire review.

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