Most managers will be managing reviews for several reports at the same time, and will want to keep on top of actions required of them as well as where each person is at in the process.

My Reviews Tab

As a manager you can also see any reviews that are currently assigned to you on the My Reviews tab ( 

To note, any reviews still in the Employee Input stage would not appear in the My Reviews tab, and can be found in the Progress and Results tab. 

Progress and Results Tab

Next to the My Reviews is Progress and results ( This is the best place to get a full overview of what's happening with all of your team's reviews. 

Filter results by My reports, individual people or a department. 

If you filter for a result that you do not have permissions to view, you'll get this message: 

Click on the name of a person to see their individual review and if applicable, fill out your comments as part of the Manager Input stage.

You can also select a person(s) and use the 'Select an action' dropdown menu to perform additional actions such as:

  • Sending a reminder
  • Moving the review forward or backward a stage 
  • Assigning a stand-in manager. 

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