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Basic SMART Goals Overview
Basic SMART Goals Overview

Navigate objectives for yourself and your team members

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The Objectives Overview page is a dashboard-view that provides an easy way to view and act on your Goals (or Objectives as they are referred to in the application) and provides a way to see how other team members are progressing with their objectives.

Click on Objectives > Overview

Use the drop-down menu to view the objective page in another context such as focusing on other people in the organization

The Objectives section

Based on the selection above, this section will display as cards any objectives you participate in as an Owner, Stakeholder or Follower.

In the objectives section, you’ll see a summary of all your objectives for the current cycle. You can easily see your overall progress as well as the overall status of your objectives.

Click on the objective to see more information, like:

  • Objective measurement target and current progress

  • Last check-in

  • Click on the objective title to go to the objective detail page

Get a quick sense of where you're at with your objectives with the status dots

People section

The people table shows you the people most relevant to you:

  • Your manager

  • Your manager’s reports

If you're a manager click "My reports” to see only team members who report to you.

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