As a platform administrator, you can manage labels by heading to Organization Settings > Objectives > Labels. Here, you can create pre-populated labels for your team to select from as well as manage those created by others.

How to use labels for Objectives

Labels are a great way to categorize your objectives to help with communicating across the company what is being worked on. There are many reasons to use labels:

  • Help identify objectives that are for a specific theme or initiative, such as Engagement
  • Help identify specific locations/offices that are working on the objective
  • Help identify a cross-functional team that is working on the objective

To get started adding labels to objectives, head over to the Objective Detail page. The label section will appear along the top. A list of labels already used by others, or those pre-loaded by your network administrator will appear.

To filter and see other objectives that are also using the same label, head over to the Objective Explorer via the objectives tab on the navigation bar.

For the example used above, you can now see all the committed to labels appear to the right of the objective since we have chosen to filter by the 'committed' label.

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