If you're just getting started with OKRs, writing your first one can feel daunting at times. So we've collected sample OKRs to help you get going!

Human Resources

Objective : Successfully implement OKR methodology

Key results:

  1. 100% participation in OKR implementation training
  2. 70%+ positive employee feedback after 3 months of implementation
  3. Shorten OKR training process for new hires by 1 week

Objective: Improve employee engagement

Key result:

  1. Increase employee satisfaction by 20% as reflected in quarterly engagement survey
  2. Implement 20% additional employee engagement activities
  3. Managers double positive feedback received from employees

Objective: Improve employee retention

Key results:

  1. Reduce voluntary employee termination by 20%
  2. Conduct exit interviews with 100% of voluntary termination employees
  3. Identify 10% of at risk employees during performance review process

Objective: Improve recruiting process

Key results:

  1. Reduce average time to fill job vacancy by 7 days
  2. Increase competency interview questions by 10%
  3. Decrease cost per hire by 10%

Objective: Boost staff career development

Key results:

  1. 20% increase participation in voluntary career mapping exercise
  2. Boost internal promotion rate by 5% over the quarter
  3. Complete implementation of new career mentoring initiative

Objective: Improve salary competitiveness

Key results:

  1. Have clear salary levels for 70% of employees
  2. Use of 3 additional industry salary reports for comparison
  3. 70% of employees have salaries on par with industry rates

Objective: Increase benefits satisfaction

Key results:

  1. 50% improvement in ‘benefits’ category of employee satisfaction survey
  2. Benchmark current employee benefits with current industry standards
  3. Reduce employee health care expenses by 10%


Objective: Increase recurring revenue by 10% from last quarter

Key results:

  1. Increase sales qualified leads by 5%
  2. Lead to close rate increases by 2.5%
  3. Target of $300,000 new sales

Objective: Dominate sales like a rockstar

Key results:

  1. Increase upsell revenue by 5%
  2. Be a demo champion (100 demos/month)
  3. Close $75k in new sales
  4. Define sales-success customer journey map process using new personas


Objective : Increase inbound marketing leads

Key results:

  1. 20% increase of demo requests via PPC landing pages
  2. 10% boost in conversions from webinar attendees
  3. 2x eBook downloads over last month

Objective: Drive more traffic to product landing page

Key results:

  1. Double visitors to marketing website via organic search
  2. 20% click-through to landing page via newsletter
  3. 5% increase in time spent on landing page

Objective: Improve blog content quality

Key results:

  1. 25% increase in blog subscribers
  2. 20% increase in time spent on page
  3. 10% increase in blog content shares on average

Objective: Engage with industry thought leaders for press

Key results:

  1. 5 interviews with industry influencers
  2. 3 of 5 interviews published on recognized publications like Forbes, Inc etc.
  3. 2 joint webinars with industry thought leaders

Objective: Increase company brand recognition

Key results:

  1. 3 positive reviews from industry thought leaders
  2. 10% increase of marketing prospects from sponsored industry events
  3. 20% increase in PPC ad click-through demo request conversions

Objective: Improve email marketing efforts

Key results:

  1. 2x webinar registrants through email invitation
  2. 25% increase in e-book download via email click-through
  3. 10% increase in demo requests referred to email content

Objective: Create weekly newsletters for marketing leads

Key results:

  1. 40% click through rate on average for every newsletter
  2. 20% of newsletter readers convert to demo requests
  3. 10% customer conversion rates for newsletter referred demo requests 


Objective: Improve overall product usability

Key results:

  1. Release 2 product updates that improve core feature adoption by 5%
  2. X-feature retention increases to over 50%

Objective: Improve first user experience

Key results:

  1. Identify and implement core metrics that measure new user success
  2. Run 3 user studies focused on first user experience
  3. Improve desirable outcome rates by 50%


Objective: Build a high performing engineering team

Key results:

  1. Increase performance capacity by 25% (Task: Hire 5 new back-end developers)
  2. Develop and document performance metrics for engineering team
  3. Attend 2 additional industry recognized conferences over last quarter

Objective: Improve quality of development process

Key results:

  1. Implement process to assess development tools being used
  2. Reduce the number of customers reported bugs by 25%
  3. Increase mandatory educational development time to 1 week each quarter

Objective: Increase data security

Key results:

  1. Reduce occurrences of data breach to zero
  2. Increase data recovery rate to 100%
  3. 50% decrease in data migration and backup time

Objective: Improve company security

Key results:

  1. 100% attendance of security awareness staff training
  2. 50% increase in security using new protocol for addressing product security issues
  3. Implement a new antivirus system across company

Objective: Improve quality of product releases

Key results:

  1. Reduce bugs found during development process by 20%
  2. Improve unit testing coverage from 50% to 70%
  3. Increase sprint capacity from 85 to 100 SP
  4. Individual developers contribute 20% more code reviews by the end of every sprint

Objective: Improve speed of feature releases

Key results:

  1. Increase length of QA testing phase before entering user testing phase by 2 weeks
  2. Reduce reported bugs by 50% a week prior to feature release
  3. Decrease of reported issues during development process by 25%

Objective: Improve front-end speed

Key results:

  1. Ship X additional story points over last quarter
  2. Reduce average lead time to X
  3. Increase unit test coverage by X%

Objective: Contribute to product quality

Key results:

  1. Increase code review time by 20 minutes each day
  2. Increase time spent on learning new languages to 1 week each quarter
  3. Ship 2 additional new front-end features this quarter

Objective: Improve software application performance

Key results:

  1. Reduce API response time to 4s
  2. Reduce average application response time to <450ms
  3. Decrease code review times by half

Objective: Hire top backend talent

Key results:

  1. Attend 2 additional technology meetups over last quarter
  2. Improve recruiting process with new screening processes


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