Alignment is a key concept when using OKRs, that seeks to draw a connection between objectives.

Organizational objectives are often parent to departmental objectives (which is the same as saying departmental objectives are child to organizational objectives), and departmental objectives are often parent objectives to personal objectives (ie. personal are child to departmental objectives).

A parent objective can then cascade down to a child objective. Or you can also say the X child objective rolls up to a parent objective.

Steps to align your objectives in Paycor

When creating a New Objective

You have the option to align your objective when creating a new objective (optional)

A side panel will open up, giving you suggested objectives to align to. The system will suggest objectives based on your role in the organization, from your manager, or the department(s) you belong to, and the quarter you are in.

You may use the next tab All objectives if you want to look for the objective using the search bar or navigate in the objective tree to find them.

Existing Objective: Aligning to a Parent

In the Objective>Overview page, click on the name of the objective to get to the Objective Details page.

On the details page of the objective, click the edit icon in the Aligned Objectives box to change the objective's alignment or to choose one.

Click the 'Align parent' or 'Align child' dropdown menu and select 'Choose objective' to find an existing objective to align to. It's also possible at this point to create a new objective that will be the parent or child by clicking 'New objective'. 

Once you've found the objective to align, click Done. If you need to remove the alignment click on the blue 'X' if you need to remove this alignment.

Note: clicking the 'X' to remove alignment will not delete any objectives

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