The purpose of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is for the whole organization to align around a key set of objectives in order to be focused and transparent. When creating an objective, it’s quite simple to find and align your objective to a higher-level one.

Note: To skip the navigation from the home page, start the video at 0:14. This applies to customers that purchased 7Geese prior to the transition to Paycor.

New Objective: Aligning to a Parent

To create an objective, click on the ‘New objective’ button from the dashboard.

You can also do this from any of the Objectives feature pages.

Step 1: align to a higher level objective (optional)

Find the objective you or your team can contribute to. Click on the ‘Select a parent objective button’. 

A side panel will open up, giving you several ways to align your objective. Let’s take a look at each closer.

Suggested Objectives

The first tab to open up in the side panel will include objectives that are from your Manager, department(s), and the organization objectives.

All Objectives

The second tab is where you can find all objectives that have been created so far in your network. You can search for objectives by the name of the objective or the owner of the objective. You can also expand the tree of objectives to find a specific one to align to.

Continue Objective Creation Process

After aligning your objective to a parent objective, complete steps 2- 6. 

  • Step 2: Set an objective name

  • Step 3: Configure your objective settings (optional)

  • Step 4: Define Key Results

  • Step 5: Add a custom check-in reminder email (optional)

  • Step 6: Save your objective

Existing Objective: Aligning to a Parent

The best way to edit an existing objective is to navigate to Objective > Overview

Click on one of the existing objectives to get to the Objectives Details page.

Objective Details Page

On the details page of the objective, click the edit icon in the Aligned Objectives box. 

If you have no aligned objectives, you can also click on the edit icon in the Aligned Objectives box.

Click the 'Align parent' dropdown menu and select 'Choose objective' to find an existing objective to align to. It's also possible at this point to create a new objective that will be the parent by clicking 'New objective'. 

Find the correct objective to align to and click 'Set as parent objective'.

You have now successfully aligned to a parent objective. Click the blue 'X' next to any parent or children objectives to remove this alignment.

Note: clicking the 'X' to remove alignment will not delete any objectives

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