The Objective Explorer is an excellent way to visualize how objectives cascade throughout an organization. Company leaders can gain insight into how well employees are aligned with company objectives, and employees can gain transparency on how their personal career development is impacting the well-being of the organization.

Customized reports provide valuable insight and overview on company growth, such as which objectives across the company are off-track or past-due, or those that have been completed in advance and could be stretched to higher expectations. 

Results section

  • In the results section, you’ll see the set of objectives that match all of the filter criteria that’s been selected

  • Results can be displayed in a compact, medium, and expanded view

Quick searches

  • Easily access predefined filters to help answer the most common business questions


There are a handful of filters you can use to narrow the list of objectives you’re interested in reporting on. These include:

  • Due date: filter objectives that are due in a specific quarter (or cycle), or with a custom date range

  • People: filter objectives by specific owners, stakeholders, or followers

  • Label: filter objectives that match a specific label

  • Status: filter objectives that are on track, off track, or have no status

  • Type: filter objectives that are individual, department, or organization objectives

  • Keyword: filter objectives that contain specific text

  • State: filter objectives that are open or closed

Group, sort, and display

  • Group objectives by owner, owner’s department, department label, or due date

  • Sort objectives by name, creation date, progress, due date, or last check-in

  • View objectives in a compact, medium, or expanded view

Export objectives

The result of objectives can be easily exported to Excel for further analysis and reporting. By default, only the top-level objectives displayed will be exported. You can also include the first level of aligned objectives in the Excel export.

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