The Objectives Overview page is a dashboard-view that provides an easy way to view and act on your objectives and provides a way to see how your teammates, departments and the organization as a whole are progressing with their objectives.  


Click on Objectives > Overview (

Quick Links

  • Use the quick links at the top of the page to navigate to other objectives related areas in 7Geese:  Quick Check-in, Objective Explorer, and Alignment

Context Drop Down

  • Use the drop-down menu to view the objective page in another context such as focusing on the organization or a department

Objectives section

For individuals

  • In the objectives section, you’ll see a summary of all your objectives for the current cycle. You can easily see your overall progress as well as the overall status of your objectives.
  • Any objectives you participate in as an Owner, Stakeholder or Follower will be listed here as cards. Click on the objective to see more information:
  • Aligned parent and child objectives
  • Last check-in
  • Key results and their progress
  • Click on the objective title to go to the objective detail page

For the organization

  • Like the objectives page for individuals, you’ll see a summary of all the organizational objectives for the current quarter.

For departments

  • The department view on the objectives page will show a summary of all the department’s objectives.

Legend for objective status dots

People table

The people table will look different depending on the context chosen for the overview page.

Individual view:

  • The people table shows you the people most relevant to you in 7Geese:
  • Your manager
  • Your manager’s reports
  • Your reports
  • Clicking on the person’s name will bring you to their profile page.

Managers/Team Leads view:

  • Click “My reports only” to see only team members who report to you

Organization view:

  • Under the People Table, all the departments within the organization are shown with a summary of their objectives.
  • Clicking on the department’s name will change the focus of the objectives page in the context of that department.

Department view:

  • Under the People Table, the sub-departments within the department will be shown as well as all members of that department.

Quick summaries

For individuals

The summary cards give you a list of relevant objectives grouped together based on common features. Cards you will see:

  • Organization
  • Departments that you are in
  • Note:  If you see too few (or too many) departments, you may want to edit the departments that you’re a part of.  You may have to speak to your manager or network admin to make the changes.
  • Objectives you’re participating in as a stakeholder
  • Objectives you’re participating in as a follower
  • Following objectives is a great way to view objectives that you are interested in. To add objectives to this card, go to an objective detail page and add yourself as a “follower” to that objective.

For organizations

  • In the quick summary cards, you’ll see all the department objectives listed in a card for each department.

For departments

  • The quick summary cards will show the sub-department objectives and cards for each individual in the marketing department.


Not seeing all the objectives?  Hover your mouse over the objectives and scroll up with your mouse or trackpad to see additional objectives.

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