Admins can allow managers and department leaders to launch reviews only for their direct reports and/or departments.

To enable this, go to Org Settings > Reviews and enable the option for managers and department leaders to be able to launch reviews.

A manager or department leader can then:

  • Launch a new review but only for employees in their reporting tree or employees in departments they lead (or the departments themselves)
  • Add additional participants to that review once it's launched (from the Progress and results tab), but again, only the same set of users as above
  • See reviews on the 'Manage review groups' tab, but only those they have launched, not ones launched by other people or Admins.
  • Delete a review they have launched

Admins will not be able to see draft reviews created by managers or department leaders as currently, only creators of a draft are able to edit a review draft. However, admins can see the progress and results of the overall review once it has been launched, and assign missing managers or move individual reviews forward or backward etc.

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