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Admins: Setting up and Launching Reviews
Admins: Enabling Review Launching for Managers and Department Leaders
Admins: Enabling Review Launching for Managers and Department Leaders

How can Managers and Department leaders launch their own Reviews

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Admins can allow managers and department leaders to launch reviews of their own. Reviews they launch will only be for their direct reports --in the case of Managers, and/or departments --in the case of Department Leaders.

To find the ON/OFF toggle switch for this go to Settings>Reviews

A manager or department leader can then:

  • Launch a new review for employees in their reporting tree or employees in departments they lead

  • Add additional participants to that review once it's launched (from the Progress and results tab), from their reporting tree or department

  • See reviews on the 'Manage review groups' tab for reviews they have launched, not ones launched by other people or Admins

  • Delete a review they have launched

Draft Visibility 

At this time Admins or other Review creators will not be able to see draft reviews created by others, only the creators of a review in draft mode can edit it.

When a review is launched then Admins can see its contents, depending on their level of content access, via the Progress & Results page, and can add participants or move the reviews forwards or backwards.

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