Survey creators, survey responders and anyone with visibility to a survey (e.g. the management tree or admins with visibility) can comment on feedback responses.

Comments can occur on anonymous and non-anonymous feedback surveys. Surveys can be made anonymous or non-anonymous during survey launch for 'Feedback for me' and for 'Feedback for others.' 

Commenting on Non-Anonymous Feedback

  • Feedback creator sends a feedback request
  • Responder submits their responses
  • Feedback creator makes a comment on a response - responder receives an email alerting them about a new comment
  • Responder replies to the previous comment - feedback creator receives an email alerting them about the new comment

When someone with visibility rights comments on a response, all previous commenters receive an email.

Commenting on Anonymous Feedback


If the feedback responder visibility is set to anonymous, anyone given visibility access can comment on responses. For example the management tree, managers or admins with visibility rights can comment on anyone’s responses non-anonymously (i.e. their face will show and name will be visible)

The following logic is applied to Feedback for Me and Feedback for Others:

  • Commenting on your own response always appear as anonymous so a feedback survey responder can comment anonymously on their own responses and have a dialogue with the survey creator and ensure they remain anonymous.
  • Anyone else that comments on your own response will be known and their profile picture and name will appear next to their comment. 
  • If you are an anonymous survey responder, you can only comment on your own responses and no one else's responses (unless you are a responder who also happens to be an admin/manager/someone from the management tree with visibility rights to the survey - they can also comment on other people's responses). This is to ensure your anonymity is respected and ensures you can't just start engaging with someone else's responses.

Email Notification Examples 

  • Person A, an anonymous survey responder, receives a comment on their response from someone who has visibility access to the survey - Person A receives an email letting them know they have received a new comment from a known user.
  • Person B, who has previously commented on a response (non-anonymously), receives a new comment reply from the original anonymous responder - Person B receives an email letting them know they have a received a new comment from an unknown user.
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