Creating a feedback template will have the same options as creating a feedback request as outlined above. There are a few different options however.

All users

Default participants: choose from a set of pre-defined participants that will automatically be populated when the template is used to create a feedback request. These participants are in relation to the team member that creates the request. You can choose from the following:

  • Employee (the one creating the request)
  • Employee's manager
  • Employee's peers (those who report to the same manager)
  • Employee's reports
  • Employee's 360 group
  • Employee's departments
  • Everyone

Additional settings: these are not available when creating a template. Additional settings include: anonymous responses, restricting who can view responses, adding a deadline.

When you create a feedback template, it will automatically be in draft mode so that you can make changes without having to worry about making the template available to other team members. Your work will be autosaved. If you navigate away from the template builder, you will still be able to come back to your draft template. Select your template in this screen to continue editing it:

When you are finished creating your template and are ready for it to be used, click Save template at the bottom of the screen:

Admins only:

 Admins are able to create global templates for use by anyone in the organization. If you are creating a global template make sure to check off this setting:

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