To create a new Feedback request for yourself click on New feedback and then Request feedback for me.

  1. Start from scratch or choose from pre-made templates:
  • My templates: templates you have created
  • Global templates: templates available to the entire organization
  • Start without a template: customize all aspects of the Feedback request to how you would like it
  • Note: When using an existing template, you can still edit the settings and topics before sending it out.

2. Once you create your new feedback request you will be brought to a screen where you can enter or change the settings and topics. All changes will be auto-saved so you don't have to worry about losing your work. 

Feedback requests created from a template can be edited to suit your specific needs. When starting without a template you can customize the feedback request to how you would like it:

Feedback title: Enter in a name for your Feedback request

Description: once you enter in a title for your request an option will pop up for you to enter in a description. Use the description box to add details or instructions to help guide the responses.

Add participants: You can choose smart groups, which will pre populate users, to save time. If there are users in the group you don't want to send the request to, you can remove them. You can choose from:

  • My reports: if you're a manager, anyone who reports directly to you
  • My 360 Group: people that report to the same person as you, your manager and your direct reports
  • Departments: everyone in the specified department
  • Everyone: everyone in the entire organization

For additional settings, click on the gear icon underneath the Add participants field:

Responder names: check off this box so that responses to the feedback remain anonymous. You will not be able to see names associated with any of the given answers.

Who can review responses?

  • All participants: check this off so that anyone who has been sent the feedback request will be able to see all responses that come in. My management tree: check this off so that your manager and anyone else up the reporting tree will be able to see all the responses. Hover your mouse over the text to see details of who is in your reporting tree. Note: checking this off will also enable admins to be able to view the feedback responses.
  • Responses due by: add a deadline to your request so that participants know when you expect a response. Check off "Stop accepting responses when deadline passes" to close off the feedback request from additional responses.

3. Enter in your feedback topics (or questions). You can choose from the following response types:

Text Answer 

Multiple Choice


Number scale

Rating scales

Choose from the following rating scales:

  • Disagree - agree
  • Low - high
  • Rarely - frequently
  • Not important - important
  • Poor - good
  • Unlikely - likely
  • Missed - exceeded

4. To save time from entering multiple questions with the same response type, click on the Duplicate topic icon and make the necessary changes.

5. To add a new blank topic, click on one of the response types in the menu below the last topic.

6. You can also add Section headers to better organize your feedback request.

7. Once you have all the settings and topics ready, you can then send out the Feedback request! Participants will receive an email and an in-app notification to let them know about the request.

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