This walkthrough will take you through how to create customized templates for your teams for 1-on-1s. 7Geese comes pre-loaded with templates to help you get started. You can edit these pre-existing templates or create new ones.

To get started head over to 1-on-1s. 

Adding or editing a template

Below 1-on-1 settings there is a 1-on-1 Template Section where you can add or edit an existing template.

1. New Template: This is where you can create a new template from scratch.

2. My Templates: Templates you create for your teams will live here. Your templates will be visible to you, anyone that is up your reporting tree (i.e. your manager and their managers), and your direct reports.

3. Global Templates: Templates that you create for the entire organization will live here. This means that all users in your 7Geese network will be able to select these templates when they have 1-on-1s. Only admins can create Global Templates. To create a Global Template, make sure to check "This is a global template".

To preview the questions in the templates, click on the title.  You can edit them by selecting "Edit Template" in the Actions menu to the right of the questions.

Adding Questions and Details

When creating a new template you will have options to add questions and descriptions for these questions to provide context or anything you think is important for an individual to know.

For each question in the example below, an accompanying descriptor is given to provide more information for the individual participating in the 1-on-1. They're used to help initiate thought encase someone is stuck for where to start.

When conducting a 1-on-1 this is how the questions and accompanying descriptors will appear: 

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