The Recognition Center was built to help explore, discover, and promote recognition within your organization.

Note: For customers that were with 7Geese prior to us joining Paycor, navigate to the time 0:19 in the video to see the Recognitions Feature.

To open the Recognition Center click on Recognition in the left navigation.

Once in the Recognition Center, you’ll see all the recognitions that have been given based on the filters on the table to the left. You can change the filters to reflect specific users or time periods.

Recognize a teammate

Click on "Recognize a team member"

  • Choose a team member: Find the person you’re recognizing in the "Recognize" text box. You can enter in more than one name if you’d like to recognize multiple people for the same action. Each person will receive their own, separate recognition.

  • Recognition message: Write a description of what you are recognizing them for.

  • Choose a core value: Select one that best represents what they did. Hover over each badge to see a brief description of what the core value means to your organization.

  • Department badges: these values can only be given to members of the specified department.

  • Notifications: Add a notification for managers so that they know your teammate's been recognized right away.

  • Recognize quietly: You can recognize teammates without drawing attention to it if you know that they would appreciate some privacy. Recognitions won’t show up in public channels such as the Activity Feed on the Performance Dashboard but will still show up on the Recognition Center.

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