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This guide is an overview of information related to getting your 7Geese organization ready using the HRIS BambooHR. We use BambooHR OpenID Connect, which is designed to make this workflow as easy as possible for you.

Finding your Company ID

All you need to set up this integration is your BambooHR Company ID. Your Company ID is the BambooHR subdomain via which you log into BambooHR. For example, if you typically log into BambooHR on (or, your subdomain would be the part before (or, in this example acmecorp.

Restricting what 7Geese has access to

While going through the workflow below, you will have to log in using BambooHR credentials. This is going to create an API key that grants 7Geese the exact same permissions as your user. For example, if you log in as an admin user to authorize the integration, that means you're giving us admin access to your data.

If you'd like to restrict our access, we recommend that you create a new user in BambooHR that is only used for setting up the integration with 7Geese. This will let you specify exactly which access you'd like us to have without risking breaking access for any other users. The minimum access that we need is being able to read users' emails, names and their status (whether they're active or not), plus whatever other data you'd like to synchronize with 7Geese. You should be logged in to BambooHR as that user while setting up the BambooHR integration from within 7Geese.

Rest assured that even if you grant us admin access, we will only ever request the minimum amount of data that we need for synchronizing.

Configuring BambooHR in 7Geese

Head over to the BambooHR integration settings page under

Find your Company ID as per the above paragraph and enter it here, then click "Generate API Key via BambooHR OpenID Connect". This will bring you to the BambooHR Login page:

After you log in with your BambooHR login credentials and authorize 7Geese to access your BambooHR account, you will be redirected to 7Geese with the API key field pre-filled:

To finalize setting up the integration, review the remaining options, and then click "Verify Settings" at the bottom of the page. We will show you a verification dialog with a summary of the changes, that looks like this:

Please review this summary carefully to make sure that it matches what you expect, especially around how many users are going to be created or deactivated.

If everything looks good, click "Enable this integration", which completes the setup process.

Once enabled, we're showing you that the integration is now syncing:

Once the synchronization completes, we update the last sync time to inform you that everything was synchronized successfully, at which point we show you when we are going to synchronize the next time.

By default, the synchronization runs at every full hour. You can click "Verify settings" to force a synchronization at any time.

Replace First Names With Nicknames

If your team prefers to use their nickname instead of legal first name, simply check off the option before verifying and if there is a nickname in BambooHR, 7Geese will automatically replace the first name! If no nickname is provided in BambooHR, a user's first name will remain the default first name listed in BambooHR. 

User Import Verification

After you've clicked verified settings you will be prompted to ensure that everything is correct before turning on the integration. Scan through the information and simply select 'Enable this integration.' 

At any time if you need to you can disable the integration, keeping the information stored in 7Geese that's been pulled from BambooHR. 

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