Please note: This article only applies to standalone customers. This article does not apply to those who are integrated into the broader Paycor HCM platform.

Normal Sync

Users can still be added to 7Geese directly if desired. These users will be editable from 7Geese, but the users who exist in 7Geese as well as in your HRIS system will be automatically updated.

1-to-1 Sync

All users who are in 7Geese, but not in your HRIS system, will be deactivated. New users can only be added to 7Geese by adding them into your HRIS system.

Regardless of the syncing type you select, the integration will auto-sync on the hour, every hour. You can see when the next auto-sync will occur by going back to the edit integration page. 

Note: If you need to sync before the auto-sync simply click 'verify settings' and the sync will occur as soon as you verify again.

Syncing Behaviours

The HRIS sync integration will help you efficiently manage your team's information in one tool, rather than have to duplicate efforts across multiple platforms as information changes. Before setting up the integration it's important to know what to expect to ensure you are selecting the right sync type.

Once the integration is established, here's what can be expected:

Optionally Syncing Fields

If you want to only sync certain fields from your HRIS system into 7Geese, you can accomplish this by picking the fields you want to be synced in the Choose Fields to Sync section of your integration.

The options available for each field are:

Ignoring Syncing Users

You may not want to sync certain accounts in your HRIS system such as service accounts. You can use the Ignore syncing these users field to prevent these accounts from being synced to 7Geese. You can add multiple email addresses or HRIS IDs separated by commas to this field to prevent multiple users from being synced. To find the HRIS ID of a user in your HRIS system, refer to the documentation of your HRIS system.

Preparing Your Data

Before setting up the integration, now that you are familiar with sync types, it's important to ensure your data is prepared in your HRIS system. Here are a few important reminders:

1-to-1 Syncing  

  • Ensure all employees that are currently in 7Geese are added to HRIS system to avoid user deactivation 

Both Syncing Types

  • Double check that your employee details (phone numbers, employee IDs, etc.) in your HRIS system are up-to-date. 

  • Users being managed by your HRIS system will have their records in 7Geese overwritten. 

  • Check your reporting managers in your HRIS system. What is listed in your HRIS system will be reflected in 7Geese. 

  • Make sure all your domains ( are merged into your pre-existing 7Geese organization. If this is not the case, contact and we can set this up.

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