Admins can integrate with your Yammer social network to pre-populate and provision each teammate in your organization into the app. Through this integration, save time onboarding by using the Yammer integration one click setup to pre-fill information associated with each teammate in your organization. This walkthrough will guide you through where you can begin this integration.

Integration Behaviours

First, you have to seek permission to allow the app to access your Yammer information. The following will be pulled from Yammer:

  • Profile Names (First and Last)
  • Individual's Job Title
  • Profile Photo
  • Email¬†

Note: To successfully integrate an individual from Yammer, they must have the same @domain ending as that which you have signed up for on the app. You cannot use if your organization is for example.)

Once you have started the integration you can choose to integrate all, or just small groups at a time from Yammer.

If there are any @domain emails that don't match from Yammer to your organization, or alternatively if there is data that is causing errors they will highlight in red and be skipped. 

If you have already used Yammer before to integrate other teams, those that are already existing in the app will highlight in blue and be skipped.

The app will send the following information to Yammer

  • Recognitions received
  • Objective check-ins will populate to the Yammer ticker

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