The Google Sheets integration with 7Geese allows you to track progress more efficiently by tracking the value of any cell contained in your Google spreadsheet as the value of your key result. Any updates to the cell will automatically be reflected in 7Geese. 7Geese automatically syncs with Google Sheets every hour to update the key results that are connected.

Enabling the Google Sheets Integration in 7Geese

Prerequisite: In order to complete the set up steps below, you will need to have administrative privileges in 7Geese. If you don’t have administrative privileges, please ask one of your 7Geese administrators to help you out.

  1. Go to Org Settings > Integrations > Google Sheets
  2. Click Configure

There are 2 options to connect 7Geese with Google Sheets.

Option 1: Connect to the company’s GSuite account

Connecting to the company GSuite account allows any employee to see the option to connect their key result to a Google Sheet.

  1. Login to your GSuite admin page at
  2. Click on Security, then Advanced Settings and then Manage API client access.
  3. In the form on the client API access page, enter 115777114539489165328 in the Client Name field and in the API scopes field and click Authorize
  4. Click Save

Option 2: Allow individuals to connect their own Google accounts

If you prefer individuals connect their own individual Google accounts:

  1. Select the option Allow Individuals to Connect Individually
  2. Click Save

7Geese is now connected to Google Sheets!

Connecting a Key Result to Google Sheets

Once the Google Sheets and 7Geese integration has been enabled, you can connect your key result to a Google Sheet

1. Go to the details page of your objective

2. If a key result already exists, click the action drop down and select Set Up Google Sheets Integration

3. If a key result doesn’t exist yet, create one first, then select Set Up Google Sheets Integration

4. In the window that pops up, enter the URL for the Google Sheet you want to connect to

5. Select the sheet (or tab) from the Google Sheet
6. Enter the reference cell you want the value to sync with
7. Select the measurement type
8. Set the start and target values

9. Click Connect to Google Sheets

Your key result is now connected to Google Sheets!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see the option to connect my key result to Google Sheets. What do I do now?

The integration may not be set up yet. Please ask your 7Geese admin to follow these instructions (above) on enabling the integration with 7Geese. 

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