Customize Your Core Values

This walkthrough will provide insight on how administrators on the 7Geese platform can create unique recognition badges to reflect core values and culture. You can edit an existing badge or create a new badge on a rolling-basis. 7Geese is pre-populated with core values to help you get started.

You can also have team specific badges. In bigger organizations, each team has its own sub-culture and values so we understand the importance of sending thank-you's specific to the micro-actions. You can create team specific badges to increase camaraderie and engagement within teams that might otherwise only stay internal to that specific team.

Only 7Geese administrators are able to upload and edit recognition badges.

To get started, head to Organization Settings > Recognition. From there, you'll be able to create a new badge using the button on the top right, or edit existing ones.

Here's what the Recognition Center looks like once you get your program started!

Please contact for further questions or if you believe something is missing, misrepresented, or outdated. 

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