7Geese is setup with 3 permission levels: admin, manager, and all users. Here is a summary of what each level can do and access.

Admins: Overview 

Super admins and admins are indicated with a shield icon next to their name on the People page.

As an administrator, you can:

  • Customize all organization settings such as creating recognition badges, setting global templates for 1-on-1 and feedback, managing labels, and launching Reviews

  • Create organization-level objectives

  • Delete recognitions and check-ins written by anyone 

  • Add, manage and remove (deactivate) user profiles

  • Create and manage departments, groups, and locations

  • Setup integrations

Adding and removing other administrators:

To add another admin go to Performance Settings on the left-hand navigation and click 'Add administrator'.

Select what content access they should have and if they should be able to grant content access to others:

To remove admin permissions from someone, click the X next to their name. 

Admins: Content Access

Super Admins

  • Only super admins, those with the yellow key next to their name, can change the content access for themselves or other admins

  • The first admin in a new network (the network creator) will be granted super admin permissions by default

  • All other admins need to be granted content access as they will not receive full content access by default. This includes super admins who will have to grant themselves content access. 

Content available to an admin with content access:

  • Private objectives

  • 1-on-1s notes (unless made private)

  • Feedback responses (unless made private)

  • Reviews

Admins: Content Access Groups

To enable more granular control over the private content that admins are able to see, we have added the ability to provision content access to admins by department(s). 

  • Admins with a content access-group enabled will have access to private content for members of that particular group only. 

  • Ex: An admin with an "Engineering department" group would be able to see all 1-on-1s, Feedback, private Objectives, and Reviews for all members of the Engineering department.

  • By default, no admin has content access groups selected, not even the initial super admin.

Sub-departments or no sub-departments

  • Super admins have the ability to choose if sub-departments are included when granting content access for a specific department to admins. If this setting is on, the admin would be able to see all content for users in sub-departments of the parent department. If it is off, then the admin would only have content visibility for users in the parent department, and not in the sub-departments.

  • By default, this option is set to include sub-departments:

Admins: Controlled Actions

All admins still have access to all controlled actions in the app, except any action that provides visibility to content that the admin does not have permission to see.

Controlled actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to org settings pages

  • Access to reporting pages

  • Ability to create organizational objectives

  • Ability to invite & deactivate users

Data Export:

  • In Org Settings > Export Data all admins can view the "Export data" tab, but only admins with “Everyone” content access would be able to click the "Export data" button and receive the report. 

  • Admins without the appropriate permissions would see a disabled "Export data" button and notice that they do not have the appropriate content access to export data. 


Managers are indicated with an org chart icon next to their name on the People page.

As a manager, you can have access to:

  • Set departmental objectives

  • Access to restricted objectives set by direct reports

  • Create 1-on-1 templates available to use by direct reports

  • Access to the reporting center

All Users

All users, regardless if they have other permissions, have access to:

  • Set and align personal objectives

  • Check-in to personal objectives that you are a participant of

  • Join objectives as a stakeholder or follower

  • Recognize peers and receive recognition

  • Give and receive feedback to anyone

  • Post to the feed of any objective

  • Post to the homepage activity feed

  • Create 1-on-1 templates available to use by oneself or one's manager

  • Complete 1-on-1s with your direct manager

The following are permissions that can be changed through the org settings to allow access to all users:

  • Adding new users to 7Geese

  • Editing users' profiles 

  • Editing departments

  • Creating department objectives

  • Allowing 1-on-1s to be done with everyone, or just the manager and reporting tree.

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