Feedback is an important part of learning and growth, so we want to ensure you can feel safe when asking for feedback, whenever you need it from whoever you like, without worrying about consequences related to performance evaluations.

Feedback Overview Page

The feedback overview page is where you can kick-off a request and see your most important feedback-related action items.

To Do

The To Do box highlights any outstanding feedback requests or reports that need to be compiled. You can click to go see all of them or on the avatar to see a particular item. If any items are overdue, they will have a yellow outline.

New and Unread Reports

Any unread reports that have been shared with you can be found in the New and Unread Reports Box. These reports have been created by your manager based on any 360 feedback.

In Flight 

You can monitor the feedback you requested in the In Flight box. Each line represents a feedback item that you have sent out. It also shows the number of respondents, the current number of responses, and how many new responses you can review. The View List button takes you to all of them while clicking on the bar will take you to the individual feedback item.

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