Feedback is an important part of learning and growth, so we want to ensure you can feel safe when asking for feedback, whenever you need from whoever you like, without worrying about consequences related to performance evaluations.

Feedback home page

The feedback main page is where you can see all the feedback requests you've sent and feedback requested from others.

All Users

You can use filters to organize your view to see the Feedback you are most interested in seeing.

Filter by:

  • Date
  • Template
  • For me: view responses to Feedback requests sent by you to your team members. These responses are indicated in the table with a blue arrow.  
  • From me: view your responses to Feedback requests sent to you by your team members. These responses are indicated in the table with an orange arrow: 
  • Shared by my reports (managers only): view responses to Feedback requests that a direct report has shared with you

You can also change the context of the page to see the Feedback page from another user's perspective. What Feedback you can see here will depend on your role in the company relative to that user and the permission settings for their Feedback requests.


If you're a manager in 7Geese, you will have an additional tab in the Feedback center called "My Reports" that will allow you to view a few tables of the Feedback that's been shared with you by your direct reports.

People table: view all your reports' feedback for the quarter

  • Requests: the number of feedback requests sent by your report
  • Responses: the number of feedback requests sent to your report that they have responded to
  • Last request created: details for the last request created by your report (name of survey and # of responses received)

All recent feedback table

  • Status: whether the Feedback request is still accepting responses from participants‘
  • Accepting responses until [X date]' will show if the feedback request is accepting responses
  • 'Not accepting responses' will show if the feedback request has a strict deadline which passed
  • ‘Deadline was [X date] but still accepting responses’ will show if the feedback request has a deadline which has passed but is still accepting responses. 
  • Feedback for: who requested the Feedback
  • Feedback from: who the participants are in the Feedback request
  • Created: when the Feedback request was created
  • Last response: when the Feedback request last received a response

How managers and admins can navigate to find the 360 for an employee

There are a few different ways to find the feedback you are looking for.

Option 1: Click on ‘My Reports’ (or go to

The Name of the feedback is a clickable hyperlink - click on it to view that Feedback.

Option 2: Keep scrolling towards the bottom of the page to find ‘All recent Feedback’ (for your reports). Click on the name of the Feedback you want to view.

Option 3: In the ‘Feedback for __me__’ dropdown menu, search for the name of the direct report you want to find a 360 Feedback for.

To create a new Feedback request for yourself click on New feedback and then Request feedback for me.

  1. Start from scratch or choose from pre-made templates:
  • My templates: templates you have created
  • Global templates: templates available to the entire organization
  • Start without a template: customize all aspects of the Feedback request to how you would like it
  • Note: When using an existing template, you can still edit the settings and topics before sending it out.

Once you create your new feedback request you will be brought to a screen where you can enter or change the settings and topics. All changes will be auto-saved so you don't have to worry about losing your work. Feedback requests created from a template can be edited to suit your specific needs. When starting without a template you can customize the feedback request to how you would like it:

Enter in your feedback topics (or questions). You can choose from the following response types:

To save time from entering multiple questions with the same response type, click on the Duplicate topic icon and make the necessary changes.

5. To add a new blank topic, click on one of the response types in the menu below the last topic.

6. You can also add Section headers to better organize your feedback request.

7. Once you have all the settings and topics ready, you can then send out the Feedback request! Participants will receive an email and an in-app notification to let them know about the request.

Additional options for feedback requests

As the creator of the feedback request, you'll be able to see all of the above and you will also have some additional options:

  • View/add responders: see who has been added as a responder to the feedback. You can also add any additional responders whom you've missed.
  • Send a reminder: send a reminder to participants. You can choose all participants or a specific set of people.
  • Delete: delete your feedback request
  • Export as CSV: export the responses that you've received so far into a CSV file.
  • Print: print a summary of your responses

As the creator, you will also be able to view a summary of all the responses and view each individual’s answers regardless of the permission and privacy settings you've placed on the request.


I started to create a 360 Feedback survey but I can’t find it in my drafts

If you start a 360-style feedback survey and don’t do anything, a draft will not save. You have to take at least one action on the page in order for a draft to save. We recommend always starting with giving your survey a title.

Can I edit a report that’s already been shared?

Yes, you can absolutely edit a shared report. Just go back into the feedback, you’ll see a button called Edit shared report. Clicking it will take you back into the report builder. From there just share it again.

What visibility rights do I have as an Admin

  1. Admin that didn't send the 360 out, admin has content access, admin was also a responder. This admin can see raw results but can't see the curated report until that is shared.
  2. Admin that didn't send the 360 out, admin has content access, admin was not a responder. This admin can see raw results but can't see the curated report until that is shared.
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