Title and Review Period 

Start by going to Reviews > Launch new review

In the General section, you create a title for your Review.

Next, select the start and end dates for the Review Period. This will pull in employee Objectives, 1-on-1s, Feedback, and Recognition data automatically into each employee's review, related to the Review Period you selected (though as an Admin you can choose not to show this data in Reviews when building Question Templates).

Select your Participants

You can include/exclude everyone, departments and individual team members. You can also include/exclude people by their hire dates.

You may receive a warning that some employees don't have a manager or skip level manager assigned. Click Review and assign to manually select these. 

Export the participant list, in order to check all participants are accurate prior to launching. You will be emailed with a CSV file. 

Select a Question Template

Select a question template. If you need help creating a question template, follow the steps in this article.

Select your Review Stages

Input Stage

The input stage lets you select or deselect the Employee and Manager stages as well as rename them. 

When can mangers enter their responses?

The application allows managers to begin their input into their direct report's review in parallel or sequentially.

When parallel is chosen, both employees and managers can start and submit their responses immediately after the review is launched. When sequential is chosen, the manager can only begin responding after the employee submits their answers.

Approval Stage 

The Approval Stage gives options for approval stages during the review. 

For the optional Managers' manager (skip-level) Approval stage, if an employee does not have a skip-level manager assigned once the review is launched, the only person who can move their review forward is an Admin.

For the optional Admin Approval stage if an employee has no specific Admin assigned to them when the review is launched, any admin with content access will be able to check the Review and move it forward to the next stage.

In order for admins to receive a notification that they have a review to approve, you must select an admin to be assigned to this stage when launching a new review. If no specific admin is assigned, all admins will receive home cards and notifications for all reviews that need admin approval.

You are also able as an Admin in this stage, to send the review back with comments by clicking into the review itself and scrolling all the way to the bottom. You will see the ability to send the review back to either manager or employee input stage and add comments as to what changes you want that person to make.

Delivery Stage - 1-on-1 Discussion

For the 1-on-1 discussion stage, select which 1-on-1 template you want to attach to the review. Go directly to the 1-on-1 feature if you want to edit or create a 1-on-1 template. 

If there is no 1-on-1 stage in your Review, the review will automatically be shared with the employee after the last applicable stage (e.g. admin approval or skip-level approval). 

When and how is the finalized review shared with the employee

We recommend allowing the manager to decide when to share the employee's completed review with them. This is best practice as for any sensitive performance reviews, managers may choose not to share the review before the 1-on-1 meeting and want to discuss it in-person first. When scheduling the 1-on-1 reviews meeting, managers have the option to either share the review before or after the 1-on-1 meeting.

As an admin, you can change this setting globally so that all employee reviews are always shared with them before the 1-on-1 meeting with their manager, or always shared with them after the 1-on-1 meeting.

Can participants edit reviews inputs during or after 1-on-1?

We recommend not allowing participants to edit their review input during and after the 1-on-1. This helps keep consistent information and avoids accidentally changes. 

Response Visibility

By default, the employee, direct manager and admins with content access can see responses. You can turn on/off whether an employee's management tree has visibility to review responses as well.

You may also choose when an employee's response is revealed to the manager. You may choose immediately after the employee submits their response, at the end of the input stage or at the end of the approval stage.

Save a Draft and Launch a Review

Verify your Review title, Review Period Dates, Participants, and template options are as you would like them. If you see a message about participants being unable to complete their review due to not having managers or skip level managers, Review and assign the managers here:

Periodically click 'Save as draft' and when you are ready, click Launch review process!

Note: only the creator of a review draft can edit and continue with that same draft. We currently do not support multiple users editing the same draft.

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